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I am always committed to giving you the best of my professional, ethical and care of duty to provide you with the massage therapy that best suits your individual needs.

I have a duty of care with all my massage clientele to ensure your comfort, safety, security as well as assuring you of my professionalism offering a very discreet, confidential, genuine massage therapy services.

Furthermore, I am very friendly and totally approachable so please feel free to make contact with me today to enquire about my massage therapy treatments and services.

The age range of my usual massage clientele can be anything from 20 to 70 years of age.

"I am totally happy to recommend Simon's massage therapy treatments and he has proven to be a very capable, charming and charismatic individual as well as a talented professional massage therapist with a real sense of professionalism during all of my regular massage appointments with him. I have also felt totally at ease in his presence during my several massage appointments and very comfortable with the fact that I have also personally recommended his massage therapies and treatments to some of my work colleagues, close female friends and several other ladies I know in and around SW London"  Julia

"It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday after my initial web search and subsequent enquiry regarding your massage therapy treatments. After making my initial telephone call I found you to be very articulate, highly intelligent, friendly, totally approachable and above all professional. You further demonstrated your professionalism with my holistic therapeutic Swedish massage therapy followed by your amazing and deeply relaxing massage. I feel so revived and relaxed today after your soothing touch and will be booking you again very soon."  Lucy

"I simply adore and enjoy the soothing feeling that your massage can give me, so I only ever tend to book your massage treatments for pure relaxation or for my own self-indulgence as I lead a very busy hectic, sometimes stressful lifestyle so your relaxing, pampering massage therapies are just the trick to soothe and pamper me"  Sara

"I was initially only seeking an holistic therapeutic Swedish style massage treatment for my general health and as you state on your website for wellness and wellbeing. However, after perusing your website further and reading about your massage, I was delighted to read that you also offer a very relaxing Lomi Lomi style of massage too. This is a perfect combination as I regularly train in the gym of my local health club so the more traditional Swedish massage is great and as a busy, professional lady, I also really enjoyed receiving your totally blissful, calming blend of relaxation therapies to help and enable me to de-stress, relax and unwind after a day in the city"  Emile

"Dear Simon, I just wished to convey my personal thanks for your massage treatment this evening as you have managed to soothe all my niggling aches and pains. I enjoyed a relaxing bath prior to your arrival and that self-spa treat in combination with your relaxing, pampering full-body massage helped me to completely feel at ease helping me to relax and unwind with you during the massage appointment and then to have the best sleep I have known for some months"  Catherine

"I often go running or train at my local gym so I always feel the benefits of your holistic therapeutic Swedish massage, but I also relish your more soft-tissue soothing massage which calms and relaxes me and find your pampering, relaxing massage treatments so very beneficial too."  Jessica

"The best massage I've ever experienced! Simon's massage work is excellent. I had restricted movement and pain in my neck, shoulders and back so after two appointments with Simon working out those knots I was then 100% better. Simon is a very professional massage therapist and made me feel relaxed and immediately at ease upon meeting which continued all the way through my first massage appointment with him. I would highly recommend him as your chosen massage therapist and assure anyone who is reading my testimonial that you are in very capable hands"  Grace

"My back and in fact my whole body has been so much looser and more relaxed since my first full-body massage treatment with you. Just a day or two afterwards I could see that my shoulders were now working evenly when I exercised and it's going great! I am now going to book you for your deeply relaxing, pampering massage therapy treatments so I can treat myself with some valued "me-time" and self-indulgence now that my aches and pains have disappeared"  Johanna

"I can always count on Simon's massage skills to put my body back together after my dance, yoga and fitness teaching or classes. His combination of different massage treatments from the deeper-tissue therapeutic massage to the much more relaxing massage treatment are always delivered professionally by "male order" to my door. I always enjoy my appointments very much with ambient atmosphere when he visits me at my home. He never fails to reach those tricky, almost hidden secret spots you never even knew you had so once again thank you very much Simon!"  Jennifer
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