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My apologies in advance to all genuine gentlemen, but all my massage therapy treatments and massage services are for women only.

I must state for the record that if you are a genuine lady, female and woman wishing to book my massage therapy services, then I absolutely assure you that I am a fully-trained, consummate professional massage therapist and please do not read into anything other than my genuine intentions to provide an holistic relaxing therapeutic professional massage therapy service that is beneficial for your general lifestyle, wellness and well-being.

My reasons for only treating women with my massage therapies is that I trained with eleven women and I used to hire a therapy treatment room within a health spa located in SW London and during the months that I was offering my massage therapies from the spa all my clientele were women, so in essence I have just evolved and grown with treating women since my initial therapy training and subsequent massage appointments.

I am a totally straight male massage therapist, so not offering my massage therapies to men thus avoids any further complications during appointments. 

Prior to stating that I only treat females, ladies and women on my website - I would be inundated by men who were for the most part very charming and genuine with their requests, but I have found it much easier just to state from hereon that I only offer my massage services for women only without any exception to the rule to avoid complications.

I am regularly booked by women an an almost daily basis so please be assured that I am both reputable, reliable and very professional when offering my massage therapy services.

I sincerely hope that the fact that I only offer my massage services to women put any ladies off booking me as your chosen male massage therapist masseur.

I assure all ladies contemplating booking my massage therapy treatments that you will receive the same style of massage, level of professionalism and attention that you would normally expect to receive if you were booking the services of a professional massage therapist offering their treatments within in beauty spa, health spa, gym, health club or beauty salon.

Please be assured that I assure you of my professionalism, my best professional attention at all times and that all contact and correspondence between us will remain completely confidential, discreet, professional and private thus respecting your personal privacy at all times.


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